Why choose Axion?

Customers choosing our products benefit from high quality standards, full traceability, monitored carbon impact, cost advantage and polymer performance that equals that of virgin polymer grades. 

Key advantages are:

Our Axpoly grades are manufactured to strict ISO9001 quality control standards. This ensures consistent and reliable polymer properties across all production batches.

All our recycled polymers are fully traceable from the end-user polymer grade right back to the origin of the source material. We can supply documented evidence to verify this.

We have measured the carbon impact of our key products and have committed to reducing it. Axpoly PS13 was the first polymer in Europe to be awarded a carbon footprint certification by the Carbon Trust.

We are able to offer our grades at highly competitive prices in comparison with virgin plastics. The value of Axpoly material is greatly enhanced by its long list of environmental credentials, which can be added to the economic benefits of its use.


Axion Polymers -Award winning

Our Axpoly polymer resins display equivalent performance to virgin polymers and are suitable for extrusion, thermo-forming and injection moulding. Our recycled polymer pellets have been used in a wide range of applications, including parts for electronic goods, audio equipment and vehicles.

Our highly experienced, knowledgeable team is friendly, practical and reliable. We are here to help your business.