Laboratory Services

We offer a comprehensive laboratory testing and analysis service for polymer samples, using our fully equipped, advanced testing laboratories.

A complete set of ISO-standard physical property tests are carried out on injection moulded test-pieces and sample plaques, which enables us to check the ‘in-use’ performance of the polymer melt during the moulding process.

We are also fully equipped to carry out quantitative compositional analysis of waste raw materials which have a high level of unknown, mixed plastic types. We can accurately measure the mass percentage of each individual component material using statistically sound methods. Our skilled staff can measure levels of surface dirt and other contamination in waste plastic samples and add-value to the analysis results with experience-based comment on the suitability of the supplied raw-materials as potential feedstocks to recycling and recovery processes.

Our polymer technologists can prepare material safety data sheets on your behalf. This service is becoming increasingly important as EU legislation of substances and materials is demanding more thorough and detailed specification of  chemical preparations.

REACH and ROHS regulations are prime examples of this increase in legal requirements to correctly describe polymer products being put on the market.


Further details of our laboratory services are available here:

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