Polymer testing

The range of polymer testing available includes:

Polymer type identification by IR
• identify polymer types including PS, ABS, PC, PE, PP, PE/PP blends, PVC, PA, POM, PMMA, PU, EVA, SAN, etc
• identify composition of sample

Sieve analysis
• determine particle size distribution

Additive analysis by x-ray florescence – XRF
• determine the presence of heavy metal and halogen elements at ppm levels
• can be used to estimate content of flame retardant additives in plastic
• certain detectable metals are useful tracer elements of other additives

Tensile testing
• strength of material sunder tension

Impact testing
• measures energy required to break sample

 Melt-flow index
• determines thermal melt properties

Density analysis
• shows density distribution of mixed particulates

 Sample compounding
• determines suitability for extrusion and injection moulding



Ash level in oven

Level of inorganic filler in sample

Manual sorting
• characterizes sample by material type where analytical techniques are unsuitable.

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