Axfuel® solid recovered fuel

Axion Polymers produces a range of environmental solid recovered fuel (SRF) products that provide a consistent and sustainable energy solution with low carbon impact.

Investment in laboratory and testing facilities allows us to supply alternative fuels that satisfy stringent end-market technical requirements, making Axfuel® the ideal choice for the cement industry and high-CV energy from waste sectors.

Our primary, high-volume solid recovered fuel is Axfuel® SRF 30, a mix of textiles, fibre-fluff, plastic, foam and rubber derived from Axion’s advanced materials sorting facility in Manchester. The process extracts different materials from the non-metallic residues of a large scale metal recycling industry. The SRF is produced in volume on a daily basis and is available in bulk delivery across the UK and into Europe.

In addition to the 40 – 50,000 tonnes of Axfuel SRF 30 product described above, we also have some higher CV, plastic-rich fuel grades produced as by-products from our Salford polymer recycling factory.

Axfuel® High CV Polychip Grades A & B are fully processed, technically separated and high CV fuels with very low moisture, ash and chlorine content. Their particle size distribution makes them ‘free flowing’ for use in bulk storage, handling and transport systems supplying main burner fuel infeed in cement kilns and other combustion plants.


Watch this short film of Axfuel SRF 30 being delivered:

Axion SRF 30 product

Axfuel® High CV Polychip Grade A has a higher calorific value with similar energy content to powdered petcoke fuel, while Grade B has greater mix of other combustible materials, such as wood and rubber.

Our standard grades are:

Axfuel SRF 30

Axfuel High CV Polychip Grade A

Axfuel High CV Polychip Grade B

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