Axpoly recycled ABS

Axion offers a range of strong and durable 100% recycled ABS grades.  

Our primary recycled ABS polymer grade is Axpoly r-ABS52 1009 which is suitable for injection moulded components in applications where increased strength and good surface finish are important.

Axion’s black ABS engineering polymer is proven to be particularly suitable for compression load applications in construction products and for corner re-inforcement in window profiles. Dimensionally accurate automotive components with load bearing requirements have also been manufactured for extended in-use performance testing.

The exact physical properties of this material can be modified to suit a customer’s individual requirements, using the pilot-scale compounding and materials testing equipment in Axion’s product development laboratory.

Axpoly recycled ABS offers an excellent 75% carbon footprint saving when compared with virgin polymer made from petrochemical feedstocks. A full LCA study of Axion’s mechanical recycling process shows a saving of 2.1 tonne CO2 eq. for every 1 tonne of ABS virgin resin replaced. That is equal to the CO2 impact of driving a 44 tonne articulated road haulage vehicle 1,800 miles!

All production batches are traceable back to the origin of the raw material as part of Axion’s integrated, closed loop, automotive materials resource recovery system.



This enables manufacturers to really deliver on their sustainability goals while also enjoying commercial savings and supply chain benefits.

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Axpoly r-ABS52 1009