Axplas recycled mixed plastic

Axplas recycled mixed plastic materials are by-products of our processes and contain a mix of engineering polymers.

The Axplas® range of recycled mixed plastic chips are produced from our advanced materials sorting and separation process. These clean, dry plastic granules have passed through the complete washing and refining process, so they benefit from being free of metals and other unwanted contaminants. The particle size range is controlled and the chips have all been washed, dried and de-dusted. Each Axplas grade contains a known mixture of similar engineering plastics with measured composition of each polymer type.

Typically, the mix contains PS, ABS and PP-TF plus other minor fractions of technical plastics and trace levels of elastomers. The mass fraction of each individual polymer type can vary from batch-to-batch, but within a known percentage range. The grade shown below is typical of the Axplas mixed engineering plastics (MEP) produced by our factory, but other blends and mixtures are also available on request.

Download product information for Axplas MEP52 0087.

Please contact our technical experts for more detailed information and to arrange samples.