Axpoly recycled polypropylene

We produce a wide range of 100% recycled polypropylene (PP) grades. Our high quality compounds are suitable for injection moulding of complex shaped components and many types of profile extrusion applications. 

Axpoly recycled polypropylene grades are manufactured according to ISO9001 quality standards and are REACH ready and RoHS compliant.

Axpoly offers impressive carbon savings when compared with virgin polymer. One tonne of Axpoly polypropylene gives a 50% CO2 saving over virgin material. For a typical 20 tonne order of our plastic that is equivalent to the CO2 impact of driving a fully loaded articulated lorry over 10,000 miles!

Our standard r-polypropylene grades are:

Axpoly r-PP51 1000 – black, copolymer, from ELV

Axpoly r-PP51 1004 - black, copolymer, from ELV


We can produce variations on our standard grades to satisfy customers’ specific requirements. For example, we can offer:

  • Talc filled polypropylene grades, suitable for applications that require enhanced stiffness and higher density material such as automotive components. Our medium range talc filled grade is Axpoly r-PP51 1025
  • High flexural modulus polypropylene grades, suitable for applications where the polymer will be subject to compression, such as components in underground water storage tanks. An example of a high flexural modulus grade is
    Axpoly r-PP51 1010


Axpoly recycled polypropylene

  • High melt flow polypropylene grades, suitable for moulding thin walled products such as horticultural trays. An example of a high melt flow grade is Axpoly r-PP51 1008
  • UV stabilised polypropylene grades, suitable for outdoor applications, for example pest control enclosures. An example of a UV stabilised grade is Axpoly r-PP51 1016


We can modify the properties of these grades. Call us now to discuss your requirements.